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SOFTSEED Co., Ltd. (the Company) regards the protection of personal information the users have stored for using the Mint T Wallet Services (the Service) as important and always does its best to protect the personal information of the users. This Privacy Policy is a description of how to handle the user information, collection reason and use and user contents.


1. Collection of Personal Information

 The Company collects and stores the following information in order to provide better services to all users.

      Account info, device identifier, location info and the selected language on the device

      Payment information required to purchase a pay service

      Basic information on the type and version of the OS, records of using the Service, IP address, cookies, program installation and execution of main functions.


2. Purposes of Using Personal Information

 The Company uses the valuable personal information of users only for the following purposes. If any of the purposes is to be changed, the Company will ask for the consent of the user in advance.

    To check if the account is registered for a pay service or to create a new account.

    To search or locate the place within the Service range.

(If using Google Maps API, Google Privacy Policy is applied)

    To localize the Service and aid the understanding of the use of the market and services of the users.

    To comply with the legal regulations that may restrict the user of the Service.

    To limit the maximum number of devices that can be registered for an account, to provide pay services promised with the user who paid for the corresponding services and to check the period of use for the pay service.

    To statically analyze patterns and access frequency in using the Service for providing personalized services and developing new services. In this case, the personal information is anonymous.


3. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company uses the personal information only within the range specified in the Purposes of Using Personal Information and in principal does not disclose any personal information except:

     If necessary for billing in providing the Service.

     If it is set in the relevant laws or requested by any law enforcement agencies for the purpose of investigation in accordance with established procedures in the legislation.


4. Correction of Personal Information and Withdrawal from Membership

     The Company uses only during the service period from the time the user registers. Once the purposes of collecting and using the personal information is met, the corresponding information is destroyed without delay.

     However, the information that is specified for storage by the relevant laws is kept only for the period set by the law before being destroyed. This information stored separately is never used for any other purposes than what is set out in the relevant laws.

     The personal information in electronic files are fully deleted using technical means to prevent it from being restored or replayed. Other records, prints and written documents are destroyed by burning or shredding.


5. Rights Protection Policy for Children under 14

      The user under 14 can request a withdrawal of consent on providing personal information or termination of account at any time.

      The rights under laws and regulations for legal representatives of children under 14 are guaranteed.

(Access, modification and deletion rights to the childs personal information and right to stop the process of personal information)

      The personal information of the user is not used or provided until the modification is completed, to use and provide accurate personal information.

      If the information is already provided to a third party, an immediate notification shall be made to the receiving party so that modifications can be made.



6. Changes to Privacy Policy

The Company may modify this Privacy Policy for purposes of reflecting changes in laws or services. If any term is to be added, deleted or modified, it shall be notified on the Notice Board of the website at least 7 days prior to the revision. However, it shall be notified at least 30 days prior if it is regarded as a significant change to the users rights such as the collection and use of personal information or providing the information to a third party.


7. Security

The Company shall try to protect the services and services users against unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or deletion.

However, the Company cannot guarantee the security of information you transmit to it since the wired or wireless Internet is not a 100% secure environment. It is possible that information access, disclosure, alteration or destruction may be caused by a destruction of the Companys physical, technical or operational safety devices.


8. Installation/Operation of and Rejection to Automatically Collecting Personal Information


The Company uses Cookies to store the user information and provide personalized and customized services. A cookie is a small text file that the website server sends to the users browser and that is stored in the hard disk of the user.

      Purpose and use of cookies

Cookies are used to provide personalized information to the user by analyzing the services and service types the user has used.

      Installation/operation and rejection of cookies

The user has the option to install cookies. Therefore, the user can set its web browser options to allow all cookies, confirm every cookie to be stored or reject all cookies.

      Installation/Operation of cookies on mobile services

The Company can use cookies on mobile devices (e.g. smartphones and tablet PCs). However, the Company does not attempt to collect any third party cookies that contain personal information without explicit consent of the user.

The user can set the web browser options on its mobile device whether to allow cookies. It may be slightly different depending on the operating system and web browser of the mobile device, but in most cases the configuration of the mobile web browser allows to decide whether to allow cookies or to delete all cookies.

      However, if the user refuses to save cookies, there may be limits for using a pay service.


9. Customer Service on Privacy

If you have any question about this privacy policy or service, please contact us by email.

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Version Number: 1.0.1

Date of Publication: April 1, 2017

Effective Date: April 1, 2017